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Improve your online dating profile

Apparently one of the biggest complaints of men looking for love online is that after a while, all the dating profiles of the women they are looking to meet begin to look the same.  Therefore, making your profile more unique and attention grabbing is key – without resorting to posting fake pictures of extreme sports.

Firstly, reduce the word count – a dating profile isn’t the right place to wax lyrical about your life story. A shorter profile is shown to get more responses – always leave them wanting more, and all that. The majority of people won’t read your entire profile anyway; they’ll make up their minds within the first couple of lines. If they see a huge profile when they scroll down, chances are they’ll skip. After all, dating is about getting to know someone over time, and also enjoying that process. A sneak peak into your life, what you like to do now and a few other anecdotes is all that’s necessary at this stage.

Clichés don’t work. Saying you are looking for a guy who ‘works hard and plays hard’ puts you in a pot with millions of other women looking for the same thing. And declaring your love for moonlit walks on the beach is also likely to get the same reaction – scrolling on. Best way to avoid this is to replace it with information about what makes you unique and interesting, and someone he wants to learn more about. Ask a friend to help you define this – it can be hard to look at yourself objectively. Post more pictures of you enjoying yourself, and he‘ll get the picture of what you want implicitly.

Your profile is about you, but engaging the reader by asking them questions can make them think and want to respond. Starting a two way dialogue from the outset is a really positive move and can help your potential date imagine themselves in your life. Great ways to do this include asking them if they have ever been to where you went on holiday, if they have ever seen a particular band in concert or if they play golf if you are starting lessons.

And finally – don’t say a friend made you sign up. It’s a fib and they’ll know it! Online dating isn’t something to be embarrassed about, it’s something to embrace!