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Bedroom Games Local Sex Dating

23/08/2013 | Dating
Recent research into bedroom habits and preferences of adults in the UK has revealed that northern men are the most skilled in the bedroom, with Yorkshire men taking the place at the top of the league...

Dating Rules Local Sex

06/01/2016 | Dating
According to latest research, one in five relationships in the UK started online, and over 9 million of us have a profile on a dating website. Promising numbers, it seems. However, it’s not all...

40 Days of Dating

23/08/2013 | Dating
A new weird and wonderful form of reality dating for the tech-savvy, internet obsessed generation has arrived in the form of 40 Days of Dating. Its blog has gone viral, being updated daily with anecdo...

Improve your online dating profile

23/08/2013 | Dating
Apparently one of the biggest complaints of men looking for love online is that after a while, all the dating profiles of the women they are looking to meet begin to look the same.  Therefore, ma...

The dating circuit is fuelling the economy

08/09/2013 | Dating
British adults looking for love are contributing billions to the UK economy, spending £3.6billion going on 37million dates a year. New research has found spending on dates has increased by &pou...

Local Sex Dating Habits to Avoid

08/09/2013 | Dating
So, you have created your online dating profile and are ready to go… but it is always best to keep the following tips in mind when trawling through the volume of messages from prospective &lsqu...

The Sex Dating Profile Piece

08/09/2013 | Dating
For those new to the online dating scene, researching the topic and finding out the current dating do’s/do not’s, seems to be the first step into the unknown. Working out ‘the norm&r...

Revamped Dating Rules

08/09/2013 | Dating
In the mid-nineties, 'The Rules' was first published – a dating guide that took the world by storm and completely polarised opinion on its techniques and tips for ‘how to bag a man’....

How do I make a good dating profile great

13/12/2015 | Dating
Creating  an online dating profile is probably one of the biggest barriers for people flirting with the idea of online dating. It can be a scary prospect – trying to make yourself sounds fa...

Finding Local Sex in your Area

27/09/2016 | Dating
Finding Local Sex In Your Area Finding sex in your area can be just difficult and easy, depending on how you decide to go about your quest. It gets even easier here as you are not particularly i...

Local Sex Dating Tips

11/01/2018 | Dating
Local sex dating One of the easiest ways of having pleasurable local sex dating is to opt for online single dating. However, it is important to determine what you want from dating before you even sta...

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