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How to Talk About Local Sex to Girls

We are often asked by our members (mainly male members) whats the best way to find someone and talk to girls in their local area who want just a casual local sex relationship. Well, LSF has been around for nearly ten years and we can tell you for sure that its all about what you say to the girl, from our experience the first message sent is the winner, its the hook which tells the person reading whether or not you are a "bell end" or a nice bloke who they can talk too.

Opening lines like "do you wanna fuck" and "fancy a shag" very rarely get much attention from the opposite sex, however actually reading a girls profile, understanding it and relating to it in your first message scores massive point when trying to get the girl to speak to you.

Messages like

"Hi , Im Paul, I wondered if you fancied a chat, nothing instense just a hello, if you dont fancy a chat thats cool, Wishing you luck on here ....."

Messages for some women like this work a treat, and maybe using language the girl might be used too will also work, sending some local words which maybe only local people will "get" could work too, as it shows familiarity and shows something you may have in common.

We are here for all our members and finding free local sex maybe have been a challenge but its now a whole lot easier, there are literally thousands of members online everyday, local and national, and its upto you to work out what gets a reply and once you have nailed it, you can use the same smooth tactics over and over again.

Published: 11/12/2020

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